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Tell us your ideas, our qualified staff will design the sauna of your dreams! We make our quotes more transparent with a computer floor plan or 3D top and side view visuals. Dare to dream, we will make your dreams come true! We deliver and install our products free of charge. Our staff is at your disposal, we will visit you in person on request, we will provide you with advice and information!

The warranty is 2 years for the structure of the cabin, 1 year for other electrical equipment, there is no warranty for heating pads. Our prices in our price lists are gross consumer prices, including the entire interior and magas vérnyomás és hemlock exterior cladding, endokrin rendszer és magas vérnyomás well as home delivery, installation and commissioning valid throughout the country. Helpful hints: A prerequisite for transporting the sauna is a washable floor covering and a proper power supply.

Smaller cabins require V, larger sizes xcm and above V. In the case of the former 1x16A and 3x1. In the case of outdoor saunas, even bricks cannot be designed for the sauna, except if the room has a constant room temperature.

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The same rule applies to indoor cabins. For ventilation, it is sufficient if the room has an openable window, but a ventilation grille is also acceptable.

It is not necessary to install a separate exhaust system.


Before construction, we recommend that you seek the opinion of our staff or download our Design Guide. Community saunas must be equipped with an alarm bell in all cases!

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Finnish sauna description: A few hundred years ago, the sauna was the subject of a scientific medical research, the study of which here are some findings: For a healthy person, a sauna bath is not a health risk, but rather a kind of pleasant feeling, an opportunity to relax and a feeling of refreshment for both body and mind.

It cleanses the pores of the skin, has an analgesic effect and promotes deep, restful sleep for many people.

Hogyan kezeljük a vaszkuláris genesis gliózisát

The golden rule of the sauna is the feeling of comfort: You can go to the sauna as often as you want, stay as long as you want and change the hot-cold as long as you like.

People who have a sauna that can be harmful to their health and therefore need to pay special attention to bathing, they are suffering from various diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or skin disease. The sauna should be completely avoided in case of high fever or diseases or injuries of nervous origin. People with infectious diseases should only use their own sauna!

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It is also not advisable to take a sauna after drinking while intoxicated, as the sauna does not help with a hangover. Infra sauna description: The benefits of infrared radiators, originally developed in Japan and the Magas vérnyomás és hemlock States, have been combined with the benefits of saunas in the Far East and North America since the s.

Magas vérnyomás tünetei, kezelése - KardioKözpont Hogyan lehet gyógyítani a magas vérnyomást örökre otthon Szívroham A magas vérnyomás elleni gyógyszerek kezelése. Az újság "Az egészséges életmód közleménye" szerint. A magas vérnyomás, a magas vérnyomás nagyon gyakori.

The infrared sauna is primarily a utility and therapeutic device. The point is that the infrared radiators used instead of the sauna stove heat the body, the deeper layers napi rutin magas vérnyomás esetén the skin and muscles and not the air in the sauna at a lower air temperature of degrees Celsius. Reaching the deeper layers of the skin and muscles, it excites more profuse sweating from the inside, and at the same time stimulates the beneficial processes of the body.

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Due to the lower temperature, it can be used by the elderly and heart patients. Electrosmog is an effective antidote to this latest harm, known to few but now suffered by many. The VITAE infrared energy wave enters the body to create a gradual, deep-acting heat that opens the pores of the skin. The energy of the infrared heat generated in the VITAE infrared sauna is equal to the energy of the solar radiation reaching the Earth. The latest generation of halogen infrared radiators, manufactured and developed by Fischer, cover the range of the Sun's rays that reach the Earth.

It is well known that radiant or infrared heat directly heats objects without first heating the air around them.

Megsértése esetén a menstruációs ciklus; A magas vérnyomás; Ha a székrekedés. Ellenjavallatok Sajátosság. Nem kívánatos, hogy a gyermekek kezelésére, mert nehéz kiszámítani a dózist, és figyelemmel kíséri a jólét, a gyermek. Különös gondossággal kell alkalmazni alacsony vérnyomást.

The immediate heat generated by VITAE infrared rays heats the surface layer of the skin and, in a short time, the deeper subcutaneous and muscle tissues, indirectly heating the blood returning to the heart.

The result is a more tolerable and comfortable, elevated body temperature, more gradual circulation and sweating, as well as an increase in the body's natural ability to self-cleanse and a more balanced thermoregulation. Heat treatment revives blood circulation and the associated increased oxygen levels in the blood, resulting in an increase in the skin's ability to regenerate.

Infrared light therapy also raises collagen levels, giving the skin elasticity and a younger appearance. Infrared therapies have a lot of health and fitness effects. It provides relief and pain relief for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica.

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The skin and complete body treatments that can be performed in a therapeutic infrared sauna are some snatched examples of the myriad treatment magas vérnyomás és hemlock and methods. Cellulite treatment 2. Skin regeneration, nourishment, mineral supply and hydration 3.

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Stopping skin aging, anti-wrinkle 4. Facial treatments 5.

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Pre- and post-treatment of plastic surgeries 6. Thalasso therapeutic mask treatment 7. Skin cleansing treatments 8. Aromatic body wrap treatment 9. Herbaric body wrap treatment Body tanning treatment Pre- and post-treatment of liposuction Face mask treatment Lymphatic system and detoxification treatment Stress relieving treatment Treatment of rheumatism and muscle pain Treatment against psoriasis and eczema Treatment against bursitis.